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​ ※Proof of Residenceの取得のため、最寄りの警察署に行く必要があります。ご注意ください。

 ※Employment Visaの場合(PDFより抜粋)

  a. Original valid Passport and Visa.

  b. Prescribed registration (Residential Permit – Original & photocpoy) and extension forms.

  c. One passport size photographs (4 cm x 4 cm colour photo with white background, ears distinctly visible, without spectacles and caps).

  d. Copies of passport (photo page) and page indicating validity), page bearing arrival stamp of Indian Immigration.

  e. Copy of Indian visa.

  f. Terms and conditions of the contract of assignment including salary position, tenure of employment and format wise

   recommendation letter.

  g. Undertaking in the prescribed format on the letter head of the company, duly signed by authorized signatory mentioning name and

   contact number, taking responsibilities of the foreigner during his/her day in India and to repatriate the foreigner at their cost

   if Situation arose.

  h. Copy of Indian passport/copy of election card/ any other valid satisfactory identity document of a person signing undertaking,

   and electric bill/telephone bill of undertaking.

  i. Bank remittance showing that he/she is a person of assured financial standing.

  j. Copy of PAN card and Income Tax papers (Form No.16) including TDS certificate / Form No. 26 A.S. for current assessment year.

  k. Forwarding letter of concerned company/firm with specific reason for extension. (Duly signed by authorized signatory mentioning

   name and telephone and mobile number).

  l. Documents/papers pertaining to the existence of the firm/Company like the registration of the Company under the Companies Act,

   proof of registration of the firm in the State Industries Department or the Export Promotion Council concerned, or any recognized

   promotional body in the field of industry and trade.

  m. Proof of Residence of the applicant Notarized Leave & license agreement, ‘C’ Form & company accommodation proof.

  n. Certificate of verification from local police station.


     Present Nationality :JAPAN


     City/ District: PUNE

     Frro/FRO Description: FRO PUNE CITY

     Registration Extension をチェックオン



    延長 :10:00AM~12:30PM



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